Corporate culture
   The excellent enterprise culture is the soft power of an enterprise, which can stimulate the lofty sense of mission and hard work of all the employees, and also make the enterprise in the evergreen position in the market competition. The enterprise culture that is too powerful contains the following four parts:    Concept culture: enterprise vision, core values, too strong spirit, core concept; System culture: there are perfect moral norms, code of conduct, reward and punishment mechanism, promotion channel, all the behavior and expectation advocated by our concept culture will be realized through the system culture. Too hard, scientific and perfect system culture will also aim to cultivate employees into useful talents with moral character, rules, ideals and passion.
Core idea

The concept of survival is in danger; The idea of the use of people: the first weight, the later weight; Marketing concept: to create value for customers; Competition idea: always faster than the competitor;

To shape a good life;
Core values
Innovation of science and technology to share life;
Talent development
Tai Li business school;
Perfect employee development mechanism;
A complete training system;
Employee activity
Annual meeting;
Annual tourism;
Festival activities;
Stylistic Association;
Journal of Tai Li
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