Introduction to the background of hospital industry
In modern hospital management, medical record is the main carrier of medical information. It is not only the first-hand information of medical, teaching and scientific research, but also the basis of comprehensive evaluation of medical quality, technical level and management level. The medical records management regulations (2013 Edition) issued by the National Health Planning Commission and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine (2013), the twenty-ninth article also stipulates that the preservation time of hospitalized medical records is not less than 30 years from the date of the last hospital discharge. The paper file vacuum protection bag uses the vacuum seal technology to put the paper medical record (file) into the bag and draw the air inside, and let the paper medical record be in the vacuum state, make the case and the damp, harmful gas and dust in the air, destroy the living environment of the mold and reach the paper file length. The effect of long storage.

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Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Zhongshan University, 301 Hospital of Beijing Province, Shenzhen first people's Hospital, Guangxi Autonomous Region People's Hospital, Hebei Province Fourth People's Hospital, the first hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, Hubei Asia heart disease doctor Shenzhen Sixth People's Hospital; Yangzhou Maternal and Child Health-Care Center; 303 Hospital; Shandong Cancer Hospital; Yangzhou Maternal and Child Health-Care Center


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